MySQL Health Check release

We are pleased to announce our MySQL Health Check service.
It’s free and takes about a minute to complete, you just need to submit MySQL server counters. How it works? You submit your MySQL server counters from SHOW GLOBAL STATUS and SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES and get the report.

We analyze a lot of DB metrics to evaluate server performance and load, find bottlenecks and non optimal queries.

You can preview a sample report to get the idea what the MySQL Health Check does.

You will get the following information analyzed:

– Queries per second
– Uptime
– Slow queries information
– InnoDB buffer pool and MyISAM key buffer efficiency
– MySQL Network bandwidth
– Reads / Writes ratio
– Statement distribution
– InnoDB related metrics
– Indexes efficiency
– Non optimal queries with JOINs information
– Threads cache ratio
– Temporary tables efficiency

Based on this we will provide recommendations on database settings.
So it can be used as a MySQL tuning solution. Give it a try!

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