We automatically review your MySQL setup to check if it is running at optimal performance, reliability and stability. You post your server STATUS & VARIABLES, we check all the parameters and provide a report.

We check:

  • server variables
  • indexes efficiency
  • performamance metrics: qps, slow queries rate, r/w ratio, etc.
  • InnoDB Engine related parameters (the buffer pool hit ratio, efficiency, I/O operations)
  • MyISAM metrics (the key buffer pool ratio)
  • Memory parameters (session, global)
  • statements distribution
  • threads pool cache
  • tmp tables usage
  • and so on..

Quick MySQL Audit

# mysql -uroot -p<password> -e "SHOW GLOBAL STATUS" > status.txt

# mysql -uroot -p<password> -e "SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES" > variables.txt

# mysql -uroot -p<password> -e "SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS" > innodb.txt

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