If all or most of your business depends on reliable operation of your servers
If you’re looking for highly qualified professional server management
If you’d like the services to be affordable but will never sacrifice top quality for the sake of cheap price,

Supportex is the best choice for you.

Why Supportex ?

Supportex is an outsourcing server management and network administration company. Since founded in 1998, Supportex has gained unique experience in remote FreeBSD, AIX and Windows server management, complex networks and server configurations. Our knowledgeable server administrators work round-the-clock to make your servers operate flawlessly.

Our experts will help you select the service package which satisfies your company’s needs the best. Whether you need to secure your Linux server or setting it from scratch, manage your network infrastructure or fine tune a database server – from small one-time job to a fully outsourced solution – Supportex will meet your needs. Our clients are always satisfied with the final results, and so will you.

server administration

Server management

With our administrators, all preventable problems will be prevented and avoidable incidents avoided. Should some indivertible problem occur, our administrators will do their best to solve it before it seriously affects operation of the server. Details.

Server monitoring

Network monitoring

Monitoring is carried out round-the-clock, with check interval starting from 60 seconds. It helps to detect the slightest signs of a problem which is going to occur, so appropriate measures can be taken in time. Details.

Server tuning

Server optimization

We provide comprehensive server optimization all levels, from web app to system kernel and web stack, lowering the risk of failure due to peak load. Details.

Backups and data recovery

Our staff can help you choose most acceptable backup and recovery scheme for all your data. Details.

Security services

Our experts know what to do in order to minimize the risk and will do their best to help you avoid most of security incidents. Supportex team cares for all aspects of your servers’ security. Details.

Database managment

Database management

Full range of database administration services included. Installation, optimization, monitoring. Details.


Our experts can help you with any challenges you encounter on every stage of your project life-cycle. Details.


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