Server administration services

A qualified administrator is of no less importance as quality hardware or reliable software. What's more, a good administrator will manage to 'squeeze' the most possible performance from both hardware and software, smooth away their imperfections, prevent most failures.

With our administrators, all preventable problems will be prevented and avoidable incidents avoided. Should some indivertible problem occur, our administrators will do their best to solve it before it seriously affects operation of the server.

Our company is 18 years old — for IT industry it is a mature age indeed. During these years our team's 'collective intelligence' has gained plenty of unique experience in remote Linux, FreeBSD, AIX and Windows system administration, so our experts are unlikely to be confused by some complex or non-trivial problem. They really are able to ensure stable and reliable operation of any web project - from a single server to complex cluster systems.

What does Supportex team do to achieve top performance and reliability of the servers:

Typical server administration issues we deal with: