Devops services

Your dedicated partner in DevOps solutions - from strategic planning to delivery and ongoing maintenance.

With our DevOps services, we help large enterprises and startups reduce time-to-market and increase team productivity with early identification of emerging issues by aligning their Development and Operations.

We use automation approaches such as release automation, service visualization or provisioning environments.
We are experts in most of the leading continuous deployment and delivery tools.

Configuration management tools

  • Ansible
  • CFEngine
  • Chef
  • Pallet
  • Puppet
  • Salt
  • Slaughter

Continuous integration/deployment software

  • TeamCity
  • Jenkins
  • Go
  • GitLab CI
  • Drone
  • Concourse
  • Octopus

Our expertise includes:

  • Intense infrastructure audit
  • Build & Deployment automation
  • Performance Optimization and Stess Testing
  • Collaboration with Dev and QA team
  • One click rollback
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Application monitoring
  • Training and consulting